Chance Ence was born in Utah and spent his childhood moving around the western United States with his 6 brothers and sisters.  Growing up with a very modest family, he claimed to survive by eating potatoes for months.


Ence was always the class clown and constantly getting into trouble for cracking jokes. Someone told him when he was a kid, "When you die, we're gonna have to kill your mouth!"  Chance has always loved comedy and started reciting jokes to anyone that would listen to him.  He became addicted to making people laugh when he found out that the power of humor could change your life along with everyone else's. "Life's short so laugh your ass off", he said.


Chance took his humor on stage and the comedy world will never be the same. His goofy character comes out on stage much like his persona off stage. His funny and offbeat yet likeable act will leave you laughing and wanting for more.  Chance can perform from Christian clean comedy to adult humor.


The Vegas based comedian has worked with many talented headlining comedians including: Don Barnhart, Derrick Richards, Heath Harmison and Marsha Warfield.  Chance is tearing up the stages and rapidly moving up in the comedy world!





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